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Red & Pink Pillar Candle

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Add a luxurious feel to your room with our large ribbed pillar candles.

Go with colour or monochrome to match your your decor

These Candles are unscented and create a luxurious feel to any room. You can choose to burn them too!! (make sure to have a heat resistant candle plate to catch any melting wax) or use them as a decorative, showstopping piece that will wow your guests.

The candles are designed to melt so the colours bleed through as you are burning your candle. Top Tip:. Only let the candle burn for 1 1/2-2 hours at a time, so that you have a melting pool approx 1cm from the edge, candle have a memory, so when you relight your candle for no longer than this time, it will only burn to the end of this melt pool thus creating a tunnel effect and less leaking wax. This will also give your beautiful pillar candle longevity so you can enjoy them for longer!!


Small - H12.5cm x W7cm  --approx 360g

Large - H20cm x W7cm  --approx 600g 

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