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Winter Fragrance Descriptions

Bruce & Mistletoe -A fresh breath of winter forest & blue spruce and impression of wandering through a snow filled woodland. 
Candied Cranberry & Apple Rind - A festive fruity fragrance for those frosty joyous days.  Apple, Green Leaf, Cranberries and Brown sugar making a beautiful Mush and Sweet aroma
Cherry Amaretto - A sweet alcoholic accord of cherry liqueur and a cherry Bakewell tart with its top notes of the Amaretto liquor and middle notes of ripe cherry kirsch intertwined with the strong unmistakable aroma of almond marzipan that rests on a base of vanilla mixed with tonka beans and spices.
Christmas Cookies - A sweet festive accord of white cocoa and warm cookies with notes of nuts, biscuits and rich, creamy vanilla.
Christmas Morning - A fresh herbaceous green accord with top notes of winter pine needle, on a heart of fir, mint, apple, spices, juniper and pine, supported by base notes of woods and moss.
Marzipan - Almondy through and through this accord is simple and effective with rich woody nutty notes all sweetened by crushed vanilla pods.
Mulled Wine & Spiced Currants - A blissful aromatic blend of spiced fruits, red wine, and ripe plums finished off with dried fruits and currants.

Myrrh & Tonka - An intense Amber fragrance designed for both men + women. With top notes of dried lavender accompanied by Omumbiri Myrrh layered on a based of vanilla, almonds and tonka bean, this fragrance is noble + intoxicating.

Nan’s Gingerbread - Perfectly captures the aroma of gingerbread straight from Gran’s oven with its comforting layers of cinnamon, clove, molasses and treacle all mingling with the heat of grated ginger to bring you the true aroma of freshly baked gingerbread.

Roasted Coffee Nut - A rich nutty accord with dark coffee, chestnuts and hazelnuts complimented by delicate spices and a sweet powdery base.

 Starry Night - Just like wishing upon a star, our Starry Night fragrance oil brings a sense of wonder. One of our top selling festive fragrances, expect a dazzling burst of citrus, spice and precious woods. This fragrance oil will fill any home with luscious aromas that were made for the perfect snuggle. 

 Sugared Plum - A natural smelling juicy plum fragrance with top notes of rich purple grapes, peach, nectarine, a heart of tropical fruits and a base of lightly sugared vanilla.

 Sweet Orange and Raspberry - A sweet, fruity, citrus scent that begins with juicy top notes of orange, lemon, raspberry and sugar.  The heart is an edible smelling blend of orange, rhubarb and strawberry which is lifted by whispers of jasmin, violet and fresh eucalyptus. At the base, vanilla and amber complete the profile.

 Winter Apple & Brandy - A dark and sumptuous fragrance of rum soaked fruits and pineapple with hints of cardamon, cedar and oak-aged liquor all slightly sweetened by vanilla, musk and smooth amber.

 Winter Berries - Our gourmand Winter Berries Fragrance Oil is here to make your day. This fruity number features frozen berry aromas as well as crisp apple and citrusy orange peel notes, creating an irresistible fragrance that's perfect to indulge in any time of the year.

Winters Eve - A magical combination of spicy cinnamon, rich warming clove and fresh zesty orange.