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Winter Fragrance Descriptions

Candied Cranberry & Apple Rind - Festive notes of Apple, Brown Sugar and Cranberry. Bases notes of a musky yet sweet Raspberry to give a fruity festive fragrance. 
Cranberry & Spiced Ginger - Green Mandarin, Orange and Tamarine give off a sparkling warmth infused with Root Ginger and juicy Cranberry. Finished off with warm Clove and Vanilla.
Christmas Spice - Warming Nutmeg, Cinnamon and Clove paired with the underlay of glazed Orange Peel. A Christmas Classic for any home to provide a warm and cosy Winter night in.
Mulled Wine & Spiced Currants - Aroma of spiced fruit, Red Wine and a hint of Ripe Plum. Completed with a scent of Currants for a perfect cosy scent.
Myrrh & Tonka - Excite your festive senses with top notes of Omumbiri Myrrh layered on Vanilla, Almonds, Dried Lavender and Tonka Bean. 
Starry Night - Cinnamon, Apple, Grapefruit, Bergamot, Lemon and Mandarin top notes combined with a base of Amber, Vanilla, Sandal, Tonka, Myrrh and Musk. This created the perfect blend of festive and cosy scents 
Winter Berries - Fruity Cranberry and Elderberries merged with Dry Orange Peel, Pine Nuts, Gala Apple and a hint of Juniper Berries. The perfect fruity but warm scent.

Winters Eve - Combination of warm Cinnamon, Clove and zesty Oranges. Creates a cosy atmosphere for any home and perfect for Winter.