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Pure Essential Oil Scent Descriptions

 Alluring - Seduction into nature. The gorgeous sent of Pine Needles will hit you first which then transforms into a soft array of scents which include Eucalyptus, Lime, Mandarin, Clove, Petitgrain, Galbanum, Cedar Leaf Lemon, Rosemary, Orange, Peppermint, Anise star, Olibanum, Cumin Seed & Lavender Absolute. 
Gingerlily & Ylang Ylang - Step into a floral-oriental blend of essential oil. Top notes of Bergamot and noteworthy Ylang Ylang.  Sit back and relax while you take in the base notes of Patchouli.
Invigorating - Take in the strong citrus scents of Mandarin, Orange and Bergamot. While being relaxed with the base notes of calming Lavender and Chamomile.
Lavender -  French steam distilled Angustifolia Lavender is a stronger aroma to that of its Mediterranean neighbours and is used in a wide variety of products predominantly to fragrance, whether it a candle, lotion or soap. Spike in particular is good for aiding stress & headaches as the aroma is soothing.
May Chang - May Chang Essential Oil is extracted by steam distillation of the plants and fruits of the itsea cubeba plant aka May Chang. It is native to China, Indonesia and other areas of South-east Asia. May Chang oil has a refreshing, stimulating scent, it is bursting with lemony fragrance with fruity and spicy undertones.
Opulence - The earthy and spicy scent of Nutmeg, Ho Wood, Tonka Bean and Cedarwood make up this musky fragrance. Paired with Orange Flower, Mandarin, Jasmine and Florals for a light following scent. 
Relaxing - Top Notes of Clary Sage and Bergamot hit you followed by the base not of Chamomile for a light scent throughout the room. Middle notes of Lavender and Geranium creating a scent to sit back and smell. 
UpliftingAn uplifting Citrus blend for the Mind, Body & Soul with Lemongrass, Geranium, Lemon, and Litsea Cubeba.